Project Management Assistance, Project Management and SPC

CPIA is an engineering company founded to accompany and support projects heads and leaders for their professional real estate projects : tertiary buildings, malls, logistics buildings, industrial buildings, retirement homes… We're working on new projects, acquisition of real estate portfolios, or remodeling under HEQ, LEED or BBC labels.

We deal with all the constraints of the project leader to propose several solutions considering the total cost of installing and operating the buildings. Our solutions are respectful of environmental concerns and regulations, user comfort, and consistent with project financing.

CPIA offers an « engineering construction engineery », identifies, gathers, and unites the men who will carry and realize the project: geotechnical expert, ICPE (classified installations for environmental protection) expert, HEQ (High Environmental Quality) initiative, in innovative rehabilitation solutions, thermal-dynamic studies, cost-killing…

Methods of intervention

Project management assistance

Scheduling, Piloting & Coordinating (SPC)

Poject Management during the design and construction phases

Management of work and/or working execution

Our services include management of technical work packages (high and low electrical installations, HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, structure, roads and networks…).

Intervention zone

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CPIA offers expertise in the elaboration of your project specifications and achieves the feasibility study of your project, including economics considerations (construction economy).

By working with us, CPIA will help you pre-select suitable sites for your project, analyze their constraints (urban, topography…), negociate with land owners, concessionaires, or collectivities and ease the setup of your project.

We will guide you in choosing or suggest you the right architect to elaborate an attrative project and deal with administrative procedures (building permits, ICPE). We guarantee the process and ensures its consistancy with your objectives, needs and imperatives.

We contribute to the efficiency of your purchases, and assess the vulnerabilities of the operation in the aim of covering against them.

We will assist you during the delivery procedures and ensure the work meets the requirements of acceptance reservations.

According to your needs, CPIA will manage the complete management, design and supervision of your project, including roads and networks, main structure, fluids, construction economy or only manage the execution of construction work.

We will manage tender files, consultations, better adjust offers, construction contracts, construction meetings, and synthesis of buildings design and planning.

Scheduling :
CPIA establishes envelope schedules, work schedule, and run-time scheduling using specialized softwares.

Piloting and coordination :
CPIA is used to deal with highly time constrained projects and will preserve conditions allowing the construction to proceed in accordance with :

  • Human security,
  • Structures compliance,
  • Schedule compliance,
  • Respect for the environment.