CPIA Développement

Small renewable energies projects

CPIA Développement designs and develops small renewable energies projects.

We take action in all the steps of the projects

Identifying and qualifying

  • Search for high potential deposits in areas with low regulations
  • Qualification of the available power with the help of external bodies
  • Securing the terrains
  • Dialogue with locals
  • Project designing

Preparing the construction

  • Search for financing
  • Building licence preparation
  • Consultations
  • Negociations
  • The small sizes of the systems allow us to avoid environmental concerns

Monitoring the construction and operating

  • Project management during the construction phase
  • Construction delivery
  • Operating for at least 20 years

Small windturbines

One of our installed systems in Italia

Small photovoltaic plants

On rooftops

We prioritize roof installations up to 500 kWc. Thus, we limit the amount of required approvals and we benefit from attractive selling prices with the help of the governments.
We work together with local players to finance and design projects that benefit to everyone.

Search for the very latest technologies

In order not to miss any opportunities, we are constantly looking for the latest technologies around the renewable energies, especially when it comes to solar techs.

Inovative project structuring

CPIA is interested in all types of contractual and financial structurings. We strongly believe that the future of the enery market is in the Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and more generally in selling electricity directly from the producer to the customer. The blockchain technology could play a significant role in this future.

Exemple of a project in Charente, France : construction of sheds for local workers

Small hydroelectric plants, rural electrification

Small waterfall turbiness

We install small turbines on small waterfalls with low current, down to a minimum of 70 L/s and 1,2 m heigh, thanks to modern technologies.

Turbines for the public network

Thanks to specifically designned softwares, we identify the areas with high potential into the public network. We then work with public players to build inovative projects.

Tidal energy converters

We value the potential of small watercourses with very low impact technologies.